Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They Just Don't Get Tesla Motors

Of course Eric Bolling didn't get it because he was an oil trader all his life.  Ironically, he must have been aware that the oil industry gets $2 trillion a year of government subsidies.  Tesla got merely a $400 million business loan.

Why was Willard fuming with anger on the government giving Tesla a loan going towards innovation? Let's not forget, the internet was built on government loans/handouts. Willard indicated that $400 million could be better used to cure childhood cancer.  How noble, but tens of billions of dollars (from govt funding and huge public/estate donations) already go towards cancer research every year ....with still not anywhere near a cure for cancer.

TSLA is going higher.  The company is expected to be profitable in 2013.


  1. It was Cody Williard not Eric Boiling, which Eric says he wishes they started with 30k model rather than the roadster...

    Go technology

  2. That video gave me instant rage. I want to knock that long haired faggot out.

  3. If he is really worried about cancer why doesn't he donate that hippy hair for a wig?