Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plunge In Commodities, Coming Rally In Tech

The equities market is actually holding up quite well in spite of the plunge in commodities:  spx

Semis and tech appear to be the ones on verge of breakout to take the general market higher.



I've said many times now (except the last few weeks when precious metals were getting a boner) that we get the last mega bull market in tech into 2016-2018 before precious metals re-emerge and the entire financial system collapses. The recent crash in pm's (precious metals) and commodities is what the next bull market in tech has been waiting for. It happened last week. You should see a big rally in tech this coming week.

Precious metals are trading weaker than I thought. I thought silver would gap higher tonite and run to $40 Monday-Wednesday. But futures are down as I type this.


  1. The CME hasn't increased margins on ES, NQ, TF, and YM. Gee, I wonder why? The friggin' Bernank probably won't let them because he thinks blowing an equity bubble will magically cure the economy, or at least help out his rich hedge fund and investment banking buddies.

  2. if you think silver will rally do $40 why did you buy zsl above $25? its trading at $20 as we speak. makes no sense