Friday, May 6, 2011

The Gold/Silver Bull Market Is Over, Dow 36,000 Is Coming

Expect silver to trade sideways for a couple of months at least, or even a few years, before re-emerging.  But do watch silver.  If it takes out the 1980 high of $50, the smart folks know we're headed to hyperinflation and betting big.

Now is the time to get into technology shares, as they will likely rally next week.

Tech will lead the next huge bull market.

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  1. Technically, you could say SLV is already in a bear market because of how far it has fallen. However, the same thing will happen to the stock indices. Dow 30k? Not unless The Bernank hyperinflates.

  2. This commentary is pure speculation. Price rules. Just read the charts.

  3. "Price rules" is just a lazy way to say "I didn't do my research and will blow with the wind".

  4. What type of research did you do, Beanie? Anyone and their mother could say the Dow is headed to X and Metals are headed to Y, but please state your reasons for your beliefs.