Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jim Rogers: Should You Buy Silver Now?

"I have no idea. I am not good at market timing. I am not doing anything. I am not buying. I am not selling. I am just watching. Some of these things such as silver have touched astonishing amount. So they need a correction. Very welcome in the market as far as I am concerned. If you do not have corrections, you are setting yourself for serious problems later on.

It is interesting that you should probably short all commodities, but I do not seek that at all. Maybe something is happening, maybe the US is going to put on some kind of speculation with something, maybe that is what is causing this commodity pullback. Again, I have no idea. If the US puts on serious restrictions to control, that will affect the market for a while, but obviously, it makes a long run situation even better. Because then you control prices, you restrict supply and you increase demand, the demand-supply situation gets worst and worst and worst. Throughout history, they have tried to control prices, and they have always failed in the end. The politicians are not smart enough to know that."

The Economic Times


  1. He sounds befuddled

  2. When did he say that? Could have easily said the same thing a year ago. Or at the highs in 2008 or 2005.