Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buy $LNKD, The First Of The Four Social Media Horsemen; And Buy The Russian Google $YNDX While You're At It

Groupon, Twitter and Facebook make up the other 3 horsemen.  They are great investments.  Buy them as they go public, and don't let the bears scare you out of the shares.

Yesterday, Marketwatch's Mark Hulbert takes another stab at slamming an ipo. This time, he thinks investors need to do the math and LinkedIn is a bad investment. I suppose he probably thinks LinkedIn at $30 is a bad investment also, base on the math.

So what did Mark Hulbert think of the Google IPO back in 2004? "Don't do it! The odds are against investors."  Should we believe Mark will be right this time around?  You be the judge.

The bears are always clawing down on stocks for crazy reasons.  It's too expensive, they say.  Reality check -- fast growers are always expensive!

They say don't touch YNDX, the Russian Google, with a 10-foot-pole.  But I give a more profitable take.


  1. I don't recall you pounding the table to buy Goog in 2004. Just sayin'

  2. Maybe true but at least he didn't discourage people from owning GOOG.

  3. What are you pounding the table with now?