Friday, May 27, 2011

10-Baggers; Buy The 5 Horsemen Of Social Media: $LNKD, $Twitter, $Groupon, $Facebook, $Zynga

In a recent post on the recommendation to buy the social media giants as they come public, I forgot to mention the 5th horseman -- Zynga.

The social media horsemen are great investments and when they reach a bubblicious fever pitch within 5-7 years, most of them will be 10 baggers above their IPO price.  Really, you say?  Really.  The Fed has already inflated another bubble that will be the biggest the world has ever known.  With trillions of dollars dropped from helicopters, the money will find their way into the markets, and ultimately into the next generation of tech stocks -- social media, mobile tech and greentech.  Unlike mobile tech and green tech, it is fairly easy to pick the winners in social media.  They are obviously LinkedIn, Twitter, Zynga, Groupon and Facebook.

Bing Gordon thinks social media is only 10% done.  (View video here.)  10% done means 90% to go, which means the 5 Horsemen of Social Media are all 10-baggers in the making.

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  1. And you know what all that social media, mobile tech and greentech will need to survive and grow? Energy. Mmmm, energy. Lot's of energy, mmmm.

    I'll be like the merchants of the gold rush of prior days. They are the ones who really got rich during the gold rush. All those people out panning for gold brought that gold into town to buy supplys. Ever hear of Levi's?

    Mmmm, energy.