Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Victor Sperandeo: You Won't Make It In Trading If You Don't Admit To Being Wrong

"Assume that you're a brilliant student who graduates from Harvard summa cum laude. You get a job with a top investment house, and within one year, they hand you a $5 million portfolio to manage. What would you believe about yourself? Most likely, you would assume that you're very bright and do everything right. Now, assume you find yourself in a situation where the market is going against your position. What is your reaction likely to be? "I'm right." Why? Because everything you've done in life is right. You'll tend to place your IQ above the market action.

To be a successful trader, you have to be able to admit mistakes. In trading, however, the person who can easily admit to being wrong is the one who walks away a winner. Besides trading, there is probably no other profession where you have to admit when you're wrong."

Victor Sperandeo


  1. Very true and very well put. Thanks for posting!

  2. there is another: chess pro,