Monday, February 21, 2011

Ad: Your Kids Will Beat You

Let's face it.

If you already purchased my manual, think about how simple the idea really is.  (If you didn't get it the first time, read it again.)  

You no longer have to go learn everything there is to learn about the stock market.

You don't have to read hundreds of stock market books, each pulling you in so many conflicting directions.

You no longer have to absorb so much nonsense that many stock market sites and some bloggers are feeding you.

And speaking of bloggers, many of them have already read my 75-page manual, which was written back in August 2008.  Some of them are using my powerful ideas to drive business to their website monthly subscriptions.  Why not learn my system so that you too can start a subscription service, if that's what you'd like to do?  Some well-known bloggers have already done just that!

Some are already using it on Covestor.  You can find them if you pay attention, if you've read my manual, of course.

And your 15-year-old kids, they can probably beat you in this stock market game with a little bit of study and with my manual.  To them, it will be like playing video games.  Most investors reading my blog are in the age range of 33-60.  You guys, like me, are dinosaurs.

I believe you are at a significant disadvantage if you don't have a copy of my manual.

It's about how a few simple, logical, powerful ideas can make a massive difference in your stock market trading and investing.

So... if there is one most important thing I can do for you in terms of education, my manual is it.

I can't guarantee you'll become a superstar investor or trader overnight after reading my manual, but I can guarantee it'll get you thinking the right way about the stock market.  


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