Monday, January 10, 2011

BetterTrading (Xbeanie) Testimonials

Just did my last tour in Afghanistan and from using your strategy over there in only two months I made over 11000 dollars in my IRA with a 30000 account. Just wanted to serious to say thank you for your information. Wondering if you think there will be any openings back in Xbeanie this month so I can get back in the system for good... Thanks again --- (Ric) 

I cannot do this without you, and I am very pleased with my progress
I have almost wiped the balance of my long term loss of $100K
By now I realize that I made many bad moves and could have, should have had even better results
I need to stay on your blog forever!

Mr. Beanie,
Thank you so much for DANG!  I would have never found it if you didn't mention. And of course xxxx also, though I haven't sold it yet.  I'm so glad that I joined this blog. I'm learning so much and also it's full of good trade suggestions from other members.  I wish I can contribute ideas also, but my 2 cents are not worth much... --- (joe

I would like to join Xbeanie
.  Thanks for all your ideas.  Even though I have maintained a very conservative approach I am still up 18% in three months.  My portfolio is small $30000 but I am confident with your approach it will grow steadily. ---- (S. R.)


  1. To everyone browsing his blog:
    I purchased Beanie's manuscript last February. I have had quite a wild ride since then. I plan to stop accounting services after this tax season and will be a trader full time. If you thought you could not make $100K in a year like I did, well you can.
    Check out Beanie's manuscript now.


    HERE IS AM, A HAPPY TRADER, and this

  2. Hi Beanie,
    It has been a great year and thanks to your recomendations and invaluable insight and explanations . - I have 100% gain in my portfolio even though I have a very conservative approach. I do not get the time to actively collect BVIs but I have used your insights to better dollar cost average on your recomendations(primarily PPO,CY, CCJ,RAX,MCD). I used your market comments to buy on margin(small amounts 10% margin buy for every 20% gain in the stock and keeping cash aside for buys on large for large dips).It has been absolutely great with CY being a slow mover which gives plenty of time and being low risk has helped. I started with 30K and now I am me 65K(without margin). I used your recomendations on swing plays for small positions and used swing gains to buy stocks like CY for long term investing. It has been great leveraging your recommendations carefully to build my portfolio. I spend less than 2hrs every week looking at my account and trading. Greed is good -Too much is disastrous -S.R