Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Testimonials

Your system is working very well I cant wait to take it the next step further. Thanks again.
(Erik U.)

Just got done reading the manual and it is pretty impressive. I will have to reread it a couple of times.
(Niranjan  A.)

Great manual.  I have been trading in a similar fashion.  However it was a tough learning experience to stop......  Wish I would have learned this a long time ago.  It's a simple idea explained In a simple way.  Great job beans.
(Mohammed S.)

...Thanks a lot, Beanie. Your system is really fantastic!!!
(William Wu)

By the way, the best part about your trading method is its simplicity. Having said that, its hard to unplug from all the other noise in my head from things I have learned elsewhere. To be successful with your method, it takes a conscious effort to pull back and simplify/clarify one's thinking and increase one's patience. There needs to be a single-minded focus on sticking with what you espouse, and not to dilute it with a bunch of other trading theories and methods. The concept of........ its all so logical. I am definitely way ahead with my trading after reading your manual... It got me to thinking that its a good and simple way to get my daughter into all of this.  Thanks for all the work and time you put into your posts. 

I have been using your system to trade the SPY last few weeks with great results. The recent volatility has made for large swings, making SPY a very good trading vehicle. Thanks again.
(Pete I, CA)

Beanie, I've gone through your manual a couple of times, and thought about it.  I like it; it makes sense.  I like your way of thinking about "the business."
(B. Sullivan, MO)

Your manual is concise and easy to understand. You're practically giving it away!

Tonight, I am telling you that I purchased your manuscript in February.  Since 2/1, I have made many trades with a gain of $42,471.  That is a 42.9% increase in account value.  This is true and there is more to come by Wednesday.  I  had planned to leave a new testimonial with my results as of the end of April  (only three months).  It is hard for me to believe.  I am so happy and am very glad I found you on the web.
(Barbara L., Iowa)

(This particular one is a requested, though optional, review.)
I have always loved the stock market, even wanted to be a stock broker, and almost did that, but stayed an accountant for my profession. During the past 35 years I feel like I could have lost One Millon Dollars. I did that by placing trades myself and with the help of stockbrokers. I made the Money and then I lost the Money over and over again. The stockbrokers mostly just lost the money. I still have remains of losing trades of my own and trades done by the stockbrokers I hired to wait for or sell at a loss. I even had a broker invest my inheritance into CROX which turned out real bad, but it didn't bother me because i am used to being on the losing side of every trade.  I still wanted to trade the markets. About 4 years ago I purchased a training system for $2500 and after a few sessions I didn't even want to try it The system included straddles and strangles and it seemed to me like you would have to put up a lot of money to do these procedures, so I didn't even want try it.  I have for years watched the Beanie and when he offered his manuscript for sale, I decided to buy it. I feel like I am having the time of my life now. I am still a real beginner, don't totally understand the charting, but my life has totally changed since I purchased The Best Trading System. Since the first of this year, I have made more money than I did working. Since I am numbers person, I easliy saw how simple it is to make mone every day of the week. I don't think Beanie needs money but he must just want other people to be successful without the fancy brokers who really just want to make a buck on your money. I highly recommend purchasing The Best Trading System. You will recover the money spent on your first trade. 
(Barbara L. of Iowa)

I have never been happier in my life with trading until today FSLR wow and more to come until earnings you really need to let everyone know what they are missing by not having your manuscript and i honestly think it is worth a lot more than you are selling it for today.  
(Barbara L., Iowa)

I never paid for stock advice or systems before so I don't know what other systems are like or how much they cost, but after reading your manuscript I do LESS work and make more money. I think I made my money back at like 9:45 the second day trading with your system. This is a great time to make money with your system in that there is a good deal of volatility these days. Even so, I was down over 5,000 USD when I got your manuscript about two months ago. Now Im down about 1000. If this keeps up, my boss better watch his step.

Beanie I am having soooo much fun now -- actually your system is very simple and for an average trader it is so easy to miss the point of trading and the best ways to trade. I do believe everyone who wants to trade well needs to buy your manuscript. I feel like a miracle has happened to me!!! I am finally sucessful.
I am getting to do what I love the most - trading and making $$$$$
I thank you for all your comments, jokes and neat commentary. I know I still have to learn a lot more. I have traded for many years, had brokers manage my money and ended up losing a lot of money But now I will be able to make my longterm losses go away.
(Barbara L., Iowa)

Hi Beanie,Genius. I received your manual today and my first impression was there is nothing in here - before I opened it. I started reading it and was struck by how much sense it makes.  I read the whole thing and will reread it several times.  I have several questions but will not pose all of them till I review it... I was so excited about reading your manual that I missed half the information at my children's 4H meeting.... 
(P.D. - obstetrican/gynecologist, California)

Thanks for your help, I've re-read your system 3 times so far and it's making an awful lot of sense. Can't wait to try it out - I've currently got the best part of $100k tied up in shares to produce covered calls. It is fairly safe and produces around 24%+ per year. I'll start out with $5k trading your way and if I'm doing well, I'll start to add to this bit by bit...  So thanks again and kind regards from Ireland.(M.H.,Ireland)

I really appreciate the manuscript... I have been investing in stocks for many years and this past year I thought I would improve my returns via stock options.  So I spent a small fortune on training and “coaching” and have not had the expected results.  I am thrilled with your system and it makes a lot of sense to me!  Thanks again for sharing your system!
(A. B., Utah)

I do like good ideas. And since my trading isn't all that I would like it to be, I went out on a limb.... I figured the worst case scenario was that it wouldn't be more than one trade gone bad...... And I will say that I am pleasantly surprised. I was really expecting to get ripped off. It took me awhile to wrap my brain around the idea, but I'm sold on it now. I can't wait for my existing trades to close out. When they do, I'll begin prooving the concept with 100 shares of SPY. After it becomes a natural way to trade, and I proove the concept, I'll happily add more shares.
(D.T., California)

Hi... I received the manual last Fri & read it cover to cover over the weekend... your ideas made a lot of sense... like so many others, I have been trading like a lost soul for many years with nothing to show for it... I started applying your methodology & picked...
(S.M., New York) 

Since getting your manuscript last week I have applied it on 3 stocks with great success, I have done 6 trades and 5/6 have been profitable the other was minimal loss .02 per share but I pay no commissions other than exchange fees so it is really a good program for me.
(R. Beard, Missouri)

Thanks for the manuscript. It was a great read, and gave me some definite lateral insight thinking. It was worth every penny. Is your name/nickname beanie? Not sure what to call you........ I'm an R.N. with two artificial knees from giving to others my whole life, and now I'm in a position where none of our social systems will help me (because I have the "valuable R.N. license", so I will help myself, and make three times my hourly wage with the insights you have provided me. I will succeed because I am patient, and will do trades the way a sniper tracks his mark.
God bless you, and your family.
Regards, Karl
(Karl C, Colorado)

It's so simple......... Now I see the light!
(H. Small, Florida)

Dear Beanie,
I received your system last week and I was thrilled as to how easy to understand it was. I am a self employed business owner so I know exactly what you are talking about. The logic and simplicity of your system is astounding. I just can't believe I couldn't figure it out all these years being in the market. I wished I had your system in my hands sooner so I wouldn't have to waste my money worrying about what stock to pick next. It is so simple and away with the emotional up and down roller coaster feeling I endured with the fluctuation market. I am going to do  things differently and will apply your system starting next week.
Thank you so much.
(Karen B., California)

Beanie man, you have the greatest ideas and the most useful approach to the market out there and I thought I seen it all. At first, I thought you were selling some shit vaporscript, but after having read it I realize you're so logical, insightful, and very intelligent guru. Just wanted to send you a testimonial because you've helped me so much. Thanks. Like you, I am going to rule the market.
(D. Nguyen, Texas)

I love u man, for all your help. Been doing it your way like.........................
Just killing it, my trading account and IRA. Cancelled all my subscriptions. Dude, I think you're gonna be famous one day!
(J. Mann, Illinois)

...made a small fortune so far trading your ideas. I started with only $28k. I chose to play ........ because I love these stocks. For the first time in my life I feel like I can do this for a living. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(C. Tyler)

The manuscript/book came on Monday for two weeks. I read it (yes, my english is good enough for that) and it's nearly similar with my own ideas that i have for six or seven years. But with a couple of more ideas from you. That help me for more focused of the right things. I playing the last years with Hyips, Options and agressive Managed Account's. But the easy way (Your way) is the best way, i think.
(C. Willman)

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