Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Will Be A Black Swan Year

“This year might even be a black swan year. Certain events are now in place, events that have never been seen before in human history. We are dealing with debts so monstrous, so huge, that most people can’t fathom them. The Muslim community is huge, and it has moved heavily into many European nations. The radical Muslims intend to express their world leadership. Dictators in North Korea and Burma and Iran and Africa are no longer safe in that they can no longer keep their populations ignorant and in slavery.

There is a huge disparity between the wealthy and the poor. The poor greatly outnumber the wealthy. This has all the ingredients for revolutions in the age of instant and world-wide communication.

The makings of a “black swan” event are in place for 2011."

Richard Russell


  1. Beanie, I have a great idea. Tell me if you agree with the theory that the USA could easily get the recession under better control if the price of oil could be manipulated to a lower price by simply convincing most investors and speculators to take positions that they could afford to lose and short the oil industry stocks some how so if everyone shorted the price could no longer go up. I guess everyone would have to hold there shorts forever and just consider their investment an investment in our future, Because if they would start to cover then the price would go back up.

  2. I think the economy is doing fine the way it is, at least for the next 5-10 years.

  3. "The Muslim community is huge, and it has moved heavily into many European nations. The radical Muslims intend to express their world leadership."

    The Jewish Richard Russell has got to be 90 years old seems to be losing his marbles. Muslims have NO world leadership except for some big oil fields, but OPEC is a mere shadow of its old self because Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Norway, assert themselves as the big swing players today. The FEAR of Muslims is a factor, not the Muslims themselves, as evidenced by the irrational hatred of all things Muslim. Americans are proving themselves wimps.

  4. Redford,
    you never made things clearer for me than today. I always go along with the talk radios about the Muslims taking over. I am pretty sure the Chinese will be our next enemy on the talk shows. Never mind - it's too late: they already own our economy


  5. the year of the black swan could become a year of the golden swan for traders
    so far it has been very golden
    the Muslims have known nothing but war and only
    hope for survival daily
    they have always had radicals and conflict
    they migrate to other countries for a better life

  6. Redford seems like he has a little islamaphobia. Needs to focus on the countries if anything. Not religion.