Saturday, April 23, 2011

Multiplying Your Trading Account Again And Again Like Rabbits

That's what we aim to do at BetterTrading (AKA Xbeanie).   We have a laser focus on two or three great stocks at a time.  We watch that stock like a hawk until it doubles, within a period of 3-12 months.  We make some (or multiple, depending on your desire) adjustments along the way.

When our goal of a double is reached, we make a final review of the fundamentals and technicals and see if we still want to hold onto the stock or move into another stock and restart the multiplier engine.

Check out our latest stocks, where we put a big chunk of our money into:

NFLX from $86 to $200.  Done!

CY from $15 to as high as $24.  Done!  But we have this one on radar, just in case.

And our latest blockbuster stock (****) pick is still in play from $17.5 to $22, with still much more to go.

Play it right and you can multiply your investing/trading account like rabbits!

In terms of the stocks we put a big chunk of our cash in, we're virtually batting 100%.  Big money means big confidence, and we're still on a major winning streak.

You won't see us giving you 10 stocks, where some go way down, some do nothing and some become big runners.  That's a lack of confidence!  And will likely result in meager returns when you add things up and divide by 10.

Join us and see for yourself.  We believe our way is the way you'll want to trade.  We're highly confident of this.

We have 14 slots available.

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