Tuesday, March 29, 2011

George Soros Begins To Create A New Economic Order

Just two years ago, billionaire investor George Soros declared that he wanted to restructure the whole economic system of the world.

Two weeks from now, Soros will begin to do so, without anyone having noticed. Journalists from Wall Street Journal write that a fund that Soros started with more than $50 million dollars will hold on April 8 an international conference which aims to bring “new international rules” and to “reform the global monetary system”.

The event will gather over 200 personalities from academic scene, business and government apparatus, in an attempt to replicate the famous Bretton Woods in 1944, which led to the creation of IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank.

Soros wants a new “multilateral” system in which America no longer occupies a dominant position. Most of those who will speak at the event have direct links with Soros.

Among them will be Paul Volcker, chairman of Obama’s economic council, friend of Soros, whom he called “a big speculator” of our times. Another participant is the economist Jeffrey Sachs, president of The Earth Institute, a foundation that received from Soros approximately 50 million dollars to finance the Millennium Project.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, the famous economist and Nobel prize winner for economics, also a friend of George Soros, will be attending the event with Rob Johnson, a former director of Soros Fund Management.


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